Orthly was founded with a defiant spirit and a bold proposition: to transform the way we get smiles and offer it at an incomparable price, and in the process make the world a little happier.


Daniel Hanover
Co-Founder and CEO
Daniel is an entrepreneur and technology enthusiast. Plagued by years of oral alignment issues, he decided to bring his 8 years of technical experience to Orthly to ensure a solution to this ordeal accessible to everyone. In his spare time, he likes running and experimenting with food.
Toni Oloko
Co-Founder and Head of Business Development
A nationally ranked tennis player and serial entrepreneur, Toni is always seeking ways to do more. When not building Orthly, Toni likes reading and refining his view of the world. Prior to Orthly, he was head of special projects at GoPuff and was previously the founder and CEO of PracticeGigs, which was acquired in 2016.
Patrick Lee
Energized by possibilities and inspired to solve the impossible, Patrick is a creative technology mind and accomplished film director who, after studying computer science at Duke University, started Orthly because he struggled to find a better solution for his teeth. In his spare time, he enjoys reading biographies and spending time in the outdoors.