3-D impressions

3D impressions

We only use the latest technology

Best-in-class orthodontics means super-accurate impressions. Our dentists are armed with top of the line intra-oral scanners that capture every nanometer of your teeth. Trained dental hygienists and dentists operate these machines, so you don't have to take your impressions yourself.

Some aligner companies just use DIY clay trays to capture your smile, which makes it way too easy to get tiny inaccuracies that make your aligners fit poorly. Because badly fitting aligners can be painful, and may even make your smile worse, we don't mess around with DIY trays.

Even better, intra-oral scanners don't require retakes. We know you're anxious to get started improving your smile, so we make sure we only need to take your impressions once. 4 in 10 patients at one of our big competitors need to redo their DIY trays. Get smiling sooner with us.

With many of our providers, you even get to see a cool 3-d rendering of your smile in real time at the dentist's chair. It's even in color!