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Invisible aligners at your doorstep for just $6 per day.
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Say goodbye to the middleman fees
And hello to the future of invisible aligners

Orthly started with the idea that invisible aligner treatments could be made more affordable and convenient.

We cut out the fat that makes other brands and dental offices costly. That means up to 70% savings for your smile.

No need for regular office appointments either.

The Process


Get connected to a 30-minute appointment with one of our partnered orthodontic offices in your area.


Request an Uber inside the Orthly app. Your ride is on the house.


On the same day, see what your teeth would look like with Orthly right in the app. In 3D.

Smile better with Orthly.

The treatment process can be burdened with difficulties. Orthly has made it incredibly easy and fun. Keep track of your upcoming shipments, effortlessly sign documents online and get a glimpse of your future teeth like never before.

Eligible Locations

We currently only offer aligners for residents of Philadelphia and the surrounding area. Let us know if you want us in your city.


  • What Are Orthly Invisible Aligners?

    Our invisible aligner treatment involves numerous sets of form-fitting, doctor-prescribed clear thermoplastic aligners. Over several months, your Orthly aligners will shift your teeth into proper alignment.

  • What are invisible aligners?

    Invisible aligners are the clear alternative to traditional braces, letting you smile better, unnoticed in the workplace, school and public.

  • Who prescribes and oversees my invisible aligner treatment?

    A board-certified, licensed orthodontist working in the local orthodontic office that you receive your initial Orthly Snapshot at will be treating and overseeing your case. In fact, during your Orthly snapshot, you'll get to meet him! He will examine your teeth just as he would in a regular appointment and let you know whether you are eligible for Orthly and your best options.

  • How much does the initial Orthly Snapshot/evaluation cost?

    We've made it completely free. We don't believe that you should be paying until you we help you get your magical smile.

  • How often must I wear my aligners?

    Our aligners are most effective when worn 20 to 22 hours per day and removed only for eating, brushing and flossing.

  • Are your aligners registered with the FDA?

    Yes, they are!

  • How much do the aligners cost?

    Good question! We like to be flexible for our customers at Orthly, so we have created two payment plans. The first is $6 a day, billed monthly, for 360 days, totaling $2160. Our second option is a one-time payment of $1945.

  • Who makes the aligners?

    We are partnered with one of the largest and most respected labs in the United States. They have decades of experience in creating invisible aligners, having treated thousands of patients safely and effectively.

  • What else do I get when I purchase?

    There's much more than just the invisible aligners that make the Orthly experience! To answer any of your concerns or questions during treatment, your overseeing orthodontist and his staff members will be at your fingertips via chat. In addition, you'll also be receiving the following: 1-2 panoramic X-Rays, one at the beginning of treatment and another at the end of treatment to factor for potential root canal and periodontal challenges; 1-2 Cephalometric X-Rays; both a projected future smile of your teeth and a more comprehensive treatment plan detailing month-to-month movement; an intraoral 3D scan of your teeth; a set of photos.

  • Do I get an X-ray before treatment?

    Yes - Orthly is deeply committed to the medical safety and positive outcome of our patients. We collect the same medical data before treatment as a traditional orthodontic practice would. During your Orthly Snapshot, if you're considered eligible for Orthly, a staff member at the partnered orthodontic office will take your Panoramic X-Ray and possibly a Cephalometric X-Ray. These X-Rays give critical information to your overseeing orthodontist, factoring in potential root canal and periodontal challenges.

  • What is the breakdown of the process?

    1. Download the app.
    2. Tap to request an Orthly Snapshot. Get your 30-minute appointment scheduled with one of our orthodontist partners. We drive you there and back (powered by Uber).
    3. A 3D scan, photos, and X-ray will be taken.
    4. On the same day, see your future smile in 3D view on your phone.
    5. Purchase (monthly financing plan or all-at-once)
    6. Your Orthly aligners, delivered to your doorstep.
    7. Your board-certified orthodontist available via chat and video. See upcoming aligner shipments and track treatment progress in app.

  • How are you able to cut costs more than 70% without affecting treatment outcome?

    We have re-engineered the treatment model to enable remote treatment for mild to moderate cases without affecting treatment outcome. This removes office overhead costs and unnecessary medical fees that make up the majority of the cost in a traditional dental office.

  • Do you accept FSA/HSA?

    Yes, we do!


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We grant territorial rights for specific regions to our partnering orthodontists. This way, you are guaranteed a steady stream of patients.

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